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Cash For Gold

Step 1: Evaluation

We personally evaluate to buy your unwanted gold, silver, coins, silverware,
diamonds, broken jewelry and more.  The first step to the Gold Buying
Process is to evaluate the pieces individually.  During this process, we look
for the purity of the gold or silver, which is measured in karats.  For example,
we evaluate to determine if a piece is 10K or more, or if it is gold filled or gold
plated.  If items are gold filled or plated, we are unable to offer cash for the
pieces as the purity and content of the gold or silver is very low.  Once all the
pieces are evaluated for the purity of gold, we move to the next step of the
process - weights and measurements.

Step 2: Weights and Measures

The next step is to weigh all pieces according to the karat of gold or silver.
The gold or silver is weighed out on a precision scale according to their purity
or karat weight.  Diamonds are examined to determine their clairty and size.
With diamonds, we strive to offer the fairest prices according to the
measurements and clarity.

Step 3: Market Appraisal

The third step of the Gold Buying Process is to determine the value of gold.
The value of gold changes day-to-day due to trading on the world’s markets.
Therefore, to determine the value of gold, we use the International Market to
appraise the pieces.  This market helps determine the value for the final step
in the Gold Buying Process.

Step 4: Offer and Payment

Your Jewelry Box strives to give you the fairest offer in town in accordance
with the International Market appraisal.  This price is determined by the purity,
weight and value of gold.  We give top dollar for your unwanted gold, silver,
diamonds, coins and more!

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